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To begin with, a stock split is when a corporation decides to divide its shares into a larger or smaller number of shares. For current and prospective Tesla shareholders, here’s everything you need to know about the company’s upcoming split. There’s also CEO Elon Musk, who the retail investor community has largely come to embrace as a visionary. Musk has overseen the introduction of four currently sold EV models, and has helped diversify his company to include energy storage products and solar panel installation. Through, you can check out Fred’s portfolio and get monthly green stock investment ideas.

These stockholder proposals follow Tesla’s removal from the S&P 500 ESG index in May. Tesla lost its place on the index, which lists companies that meet the bar of responsible environmental, social, and governance practices, largely due to racism allegations at Tesla’s gigafactories. In February 2022, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing brought a lawsuit against Tesla for race discrimination and harassment at the company’s California factory.

Although Tesla share price has been on fire for more than a decade, there are a number of red flags that suggest this amazing run-up isn’t sustainable. For example, auto stocks are traditionally valued at a single-digit or very low double-digit forward-year price-to-earnings ratio. As for Tesla, investors are having to pay an aggressive multiple of 58 times Wall Street’s forecast earnings for 2023.

  1. Put simply, the higher the percentage of shares held short, relative to the tradable float, the more negative the perception of the company.
  2. Although investors are hyped up at the moment, a stock split doesn’t mask the fact that one of the most widely held stocks on the planet is facing a slew of headwinds.
  3. Those same figures showed that rates of stock splitting in the S&P 500 have ticked up in the last few years to their highest levels in nearly a decade.
  4. Reverse stock splits can be used to reduce the number of shares outstanding.

The company says that, unlike other manufacturers, it gives every employee the opportunity to receive equity. Tesla notes that, from its last split in August 2020 to the date of proxy statement on June 6, 2022, the price of its shares rose by 43.5%. As of August 25, a single share of Tesla should be considerably more affordable for everyday investors without access to fractional-share purchases through their online broker. This has been a challenging year in every sense of the word for Wall Street professionals and everyday investors. The cherry on top is the Federal Reserve is aggressively hiking rates into a steeply correcting market for the first time ever.

Elon Musk remains the company’s greatest risk/liability

DexCom has also maintained the No. 1 or No. 2 spot in global CGM share for many years. Between its innovation — the company has introduced numerous generations of CGMs — and the growing number of diabetes cases worldwide, DexCom has had no trouble sustaining a 20% growth rate. To build on this point, DexCom’s potential pool of patients keeps growing. The most recent update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that 37.3 million Americans have diabetes.

S&P 500

The company’s impending stock split won’t change the fact that shares are quite pricey, either. With the vast majority of auto stocks valued at a single-digit forward-year price-to-earnings (P/E) multiple, Tesla stands out like a sore thumb with its forward P/E ratio of 56. Even with Tesla diversifying some of its sales into energy storage and solar panel installation, this is a nosebleed premium bestowed by the investing community. You’ll note that Tesla’s market cap doesn’t change despite the share price and outstanding share count being adjusted.

Stock splits for similar companies or competitors

Auto manufacturing stocks have been on the decline since September as they try to navigate supply chain and production snags. Tesla’s performance has also been hampered by softening demand in China. The EV maker cut prices and brought back an insurance subsidy to boost demand in that key market amid soaring production.

Tesla is currently valued at roughly 4.4 times the combined market capitalizations of General Motors, Ford, and Volkswagen. Tesla has been posting sales and earnings growth that dramatically exceeds that of its main industry rivals, but on the top and bottom lines, it still trails significantly behind each of these companies. Like most auto stocks, Tesla is contending with semiconductor chip shortages and generalized parts shortages predominantly caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the board’s discouragement, shareholders passed a proposal to increase investor’s power in nominating directors on the board. Shareholder proposals to allow board directors to umarkets serve two-year terms and to eliminate supermajority voting requirements did not pass. Tesla reported mixed second quarter earnings last month which largely beat analyst expectations.

Still, considering its past success and meteoric productivity increase, the stock is essential to any growth investor’s portfolio. A stock like Tesla, trading at around $275 per share at this writing, can be unaffordable for certain prospective buyers. And although several brokerages offer fractional shares, notable ones such as Vanguard do not provide this option. Tesla, the automotive and clean energy company, is one company that might consider another stock split, as it trades for nearly $300 per share. Let’s explore what happens when a company splits its stock and whether Tesla might do it again soon.

To add, stock splits have no effect on a company’s income statement or balance sheet, either. Tesla’s cash position, net income, and fundamental metrics, such as price-to-earnings ratio, are the same with its share price below $300 as they were when its stock traded near $900. The 3-1 split comes on the heels of even more good news for Tesla shareholders. Senate’s Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the significant tax credits could be available to Tesla car buyers. The existing credit was phased out after a carmaker sold 200,000 electric vehicles.

A “stock split” is what allows a publicly traded company to alter its share price and outstanding share count without affecting its market cap or operations. Forward stock splits help reduce the share price of a stock, while a reverse stock split can increase a publicly traded company’s share price. Forward stock splits are what usually get investors excited, because a company wouldn’t be enacting a split if it weren’t executing well and out-innovating its competition. People prefer to buy and sell an even number of shares, and they like to pay within a particular range if possible,” Stovall said.

Exact details about the plan were scarce, but the filing did indicate that the move would pave the way for CEO Elon Musk’s company to begin paying a dividend. Tesla’s common stock plunged from its record high in November 2021 and fell to a low in June of this year, when it began to stage a strong advance, approaching $1 trillion in market value. While a stock split theoretically should not alter the valuation of all shares outstanding, lowering the price per share may attract more potential buyers, boosting the stock’s aggregate valuation somewhat. In its proxy statement, Tesla stated that attracting and retaining top talent is the primary motivation for seeking to split its common stock.

The stock grew quite fast following the 5-for-1 split with Tesla, roughly doubling its valuation over the next year. Shareholders voted to approve the 3-for-1 Tesla stock split at the company’s annual meeting on Aug. 4 in Austin, Texas. Securities with higher prices, like Tesla stock, tend to attract investors willing to pay for quality. While that might decrease the potential pool of buyers, it tends to increase the number of smart-money sponsors that are backing the stock. If you hold an options contract of a split stock your contract will be recalculated so that it’s not affected by the split.

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